Final Report of the 4th International Ecosocialist Encounters

During the 4th International Ecossocialist Encounters we used various ways of documenting the panels.

Before the meetings we published descriptions of the panels with short biographies of the speakers in three languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish) to help participants choose between various parallel panels.

At the beginning of the meetings, we interviewed the speakers about their contributions and prepared short videos to act as trailers for the panels.

During the panels we made sound recordings of the contributions in order to make a podcast of the meetings.

At the same time reporters took notes and wrote short summaries of the panels.

The complete documentation for each panel can be accessed here.

Dozens of people volunteered to produce a varied, succinct and accessible documentation of the meetings. It would be hard to list all these activists. Our thanks to everyone involved in this collective process.

Final report Alterecosoc2018 v5 (pdf)