Art and Ecofeminist Intervention

Power {ecofeminisms} arts and words.
Creation and subversion.
Say, perform, take the land…

Four artists present and discuss their approach to ecofeminism through art, in their research, in their creative processes and cultural intervention.

in Ecofeminisms

November 25th, Sunday, 10:00


Carla Cruz e Leonor Pardacarla_cruz

Carla Cruz and Leonor Parda are independent artists and researchers, based in the north of Ecuador, east of the Greenwich Meridian and separated by the Gulf of Biscay and the Channel Tunnel. Their individual artistic practices exploit feminist methodologies, collaborative practices, community building, critical disobedience, microeconomics of affections, mutual support and fluid interdependence as forms of resistance to neoliberal globalization processes.

Judite Canha Fernandes

Judite FBorn in Funchal, 1971. She is a PhD in information science, graduated in aquatic sciences, post-grad. In documentary sciences, library and Archives and seeks a post-doctoral degree in literary studies. She is a writer, performer, wildcard [Theater of the opressed], feminist, librarian, activist, mother, researcher, in no particular order. She likes very different things, and is somewhat averse to order. She was a representative of Europe at the International Committee for the World March of women between 2010 and 2016. She gave conferences and lectures around the world about gender and feminisms, and whenever they invited her to talk, she did the best she could.

Teena Pugliese (Standing Rock, US)

teenaTeena is a filmmaker and digital activist currently living on the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. In 2016, she traveled there to help create content to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. She Co-Produced, Edited and Shot content for Awake: A Dream From Standing Rock, a documentary currently on Netflix about the NODAPL movement. traveling across Turtle Island (USA) and around the world creating content on important Indigenous issues that constantly elude the mainstream media. She now teaches the Youth at Standing Rock, guiding them on how to tell their own stories and shoot, edit, produce content that will help shift the narrative of Indian country.

Moderator: Joana Louçã