Topic 2. Dismantling the fallacy of Green Capitalism


In this axis we will analyse the failed promises of green capitalism, the totalitarian and militaristic menace of capitalism’s acceptance and management of environmental and climate collapse. We will also talk about the ecossocialist alternatives and proposals that need to rise to the occasion, transforming ecossocialism in a political and revolutionary tool for the peoples of the world.

Panel 1. Where has Green Capitalism brought us?

Speakers: Manuel Garí Ramos, Tom Kucharz, Samuel Martin-Sosa, Juanjo Alvarez

Moderator: Pedro Cardoso

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Panel 2. Militarization of Climate and the Environment

Speakers: Kolya Abramsky, Juan Tortosa, Javier Andaluz, Yolanda Picazo

Moderator: Hugo Mota

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Panel 3. Ecossocialism, which alternatives?

Speakers: Giacomo d’Alisa, Bea Martxueta, Christine Poupin, José Luis Garcia

Moderator: João Camargo

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