Topic 3. Labor in the Age of Climate Change

sketch_energyWe have less than a decade to launch a rapid and just energy transition. In order to win, we need the workers and the workers’ organizations fighting for climate and social justice at the same time. And this requires better dialogue and stronger alliances between climate justice groups and workers’ organizations. In “Labor in the Age of Climate Change”, we will listen to concrete examples of alliances and convergence strategies as well as reflect upon how a just transition would look like in the Global South and how to win it in the Global South.

Panel 1. Labor and Climate: Success stories of political convergence

Speakers: Stefania Barca, Sam Mason, Mikel Noval, Asbjørn Wahl

Moderator: Pedro Miguel Sousa

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Panel 2. Climate Jobs Throughout the World 

Speakers: Ana Mourão, Sean Sweeney, Andreas Ytterstad

Moderator: Danilo Moreira

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Panel 3. Development-as-usual? Challenges in the Global South

Speakers: Daniel Angelim, Brian Ashley, Josua Mata

Moderator: Marie Fages

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