Climate Jobs campaigns in the world

Climate jobs campaigns are showing the way for a just energy transition, addressing the climate crisis with a public service perspective. Providing common grounds for workers’ organizations and climate justice organizations to work together, the campaigns also provide an actual opportunity to win the just transition. In this session, we will discuss the current situation in various countries where the campaign is active (including Portugal).

in Labor in the Age of Climate Change

November 24th, Saturday, 14h00


Ana Mourão (Climáximo, Portugal)

Ana has a PhD in Anthropology and has been involved in climate activism with Climáximo since 2015. She is one of the founders of the Climate Jobs campaign in Portugal, and co-editor of the report “100 000 Empregos para o Clima” (2017). She is also part of Sambacção Lisboa – Rhythms of Resistance since 2014.

Sean Sweeney (Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, US)

seanSean Sweeney is the director of the International Program on Labor, Climate & Environment at the Murphy Institute, City University of New York. He also coordinates Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (TUED) a global network of 42 unions from 16 countries. TUED advocates for democratic control and social ownership of energy resources, infrastructure and options.

Andreas Ytterstad (Bridge to the Future, Norway)

Andreas Ytterstad is chair of Concerned Scientists Norway. He was author of the first Norwegian Climate Jobs booklet, and one of the leading figures in the Bridge to the Future Alliance and yearly Conference in Norway. Iandreas ytterstadn 2018 he was also the program host of a 4 part television series broadcasted on the public Knowledge Channel, based on the Bridge to the Future Conferences. Link to the first program on climate jobs here

Moderator: Danilo Moreira (Call Center Workers’ Union, Portugal)