Ecosocialist experiences in the world: a critical debate

Radical anti-capitalist answers to the ecological crisis are emerging all across the world through grassroots movements. We already have some cases where such proposals had significant victories in the political struggle. Beyond the limitations due to imperialism and global market mechanisms, there are many lessons we can take from such experiences. In this panel, we will have a critical look at the experiences in Bolivia, Nicaragua and Kurdistan.

November 25th, Sunday, 14:00


Elizabeth Peredo (Weaving Hope, Bolivia)

elizabeth.peredoElizabeth Peredo Beltrán (Weaving Hope) is a Social Psychologist, columnist, author, and activist of Ecology and Feminism in Bolivia. As a member of TAHIPAMU (Workshop for the History and Participation of Women), has researched and published on the female social struggles in her country and later coordinated the Steering Committee on the Rights of Domestic Workers for the approval of an equal Law for the sector (2004). She has been Executive Director of Solon Foundation and, among other processes related to climate justice, feminism, politics, arts and culture, Elizabeth has promoted the Blue October Campaign for Water as a common between 2006 and 2013. She belongs working groups on alternatives to development, is part of the Latin American Alliance against Fracking and is a board member of Food and Water Watch. Currently she works supporting local processes on food, water and energy for social transformation and drives Trenzando Ilusiones, an independent space to reflect on the contemporary Social Transition from the Ecofeminist perspectives.

Matthias SchindlerMatthias Schindler

Born in 1952, in Hamburg, Germany. Participation in anti-imperialist mobilizations since the demonstrations against the Vietnam-war in the 1960s. Activist of the international Nicaragua solidarity movement since 1979. Industrial worker and trade union campaigner during 30 years. Retired. Political scientist.

Öner Öztürk (Mesopotamia Ecology Movement, Kurdistan)

onerÖner is a member of the Ecology Assembly in Batman (Northern Kurdistan / Turkey) as well as the umbrella organization Mesopotamia Ecology Movement. He has been involved in the local ecology movement in Bakur (Northern Kurdistan) until very recently and currently lives in Finland.

Moderator: Sinan Eden (Climáximo, Portugal)