Topic 5. Ecofeminisms

sketch_ecofem Created the term, the ecosocialist thought focused women where they had long been. Ecofeminisms involve meanings, the search for explanations and paths for struggles, make history, unveil protagonists and weave alliances. The Eco is political, it is our concern.

Panel 1. Capitalism, Colonialism and Androcentrism

Speakers: Amaranta Herrero, Federica Ravera, Elizabeth Peredo

Moderator: Gaia Giulianni

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Panel 2. Ecofeminisms, Knowledge and Political Action

Speakers: Irina Castro, Gea Piccardi

Moderator: Paula Sequeiros

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Panel 3. Art and Ecofeminist Intervention

Speakers: Judite Fernandes, Carla Cruz, Leonor Parda, Teena Pugliese

Moderator: Joana Louçã

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