Topic 1. Political Economy of Food and Food Sovereignty

sketch_foodThis topic will have three different panels, focusing on different issues in the politics of food and farming. Each panel lasts two hours and will have four speakers from different fields within food politics and food sovereignty: practicioners/producers, activists, researchers, and politicians/bureaucrats. Speakers will each have 15 minutes to present their thoughts / proposal / practice, leaving ample time (about 50% of the session) for discussion with the people participating in the session.

Panel 1. Agriculture, self-sufficiency and peasant struggles

Speakers: Paul Nicholson, Victoria Medina, Giovanna Micarelli

Moderator: Aurora Santos

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Panel 2. Debating the food systems

Speakers: Eber Quiñonez, Carmo Bica, Rita Serra

Moderator: Sérgio Pedro

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Panel 3. Agroecology: Practice and Politics

Speakers: José João Rodrigues, Avelino Rego, Jorge Gonçalves

Moderator: Cecília Fonseca

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