Topic 4. Climate Justice and Energy Democracy


We travel around the world to discuss some of the main front lines in the struggle against big fossil fuel projects, both in the planning and in the implementation phases. The struggle against climate chaos is also the struggle for social justice, headed by indigenous populations and peripheral communities. On the alternatives’ side, we look at real and democratic cases in multiple levels: from country to town hall, from municipal company to cooperative.

Panel 1. The bailout of fossil fuels

Speakers: Alfons Pérez, Daniel Tanuro, Frida Kieninger

Moderator: Ana Rita Antunes

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Panel 2. In the frontlines of climate justice

Speakers: Ladonna Bravebull, Nicole Oliveira, Nnimmo Bassey

Moderator: Catarina Gomes

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Panel 3. Transition and Energy Sovereignty

Speakers: Iñaki Barcena, Alba del Campo, Miguel Almeida, Raphael Vale

Moderator: Guilherme Luz

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