Agroecology: Practice and Politics

Discuss agroecology as a construction of socio-ecological and political alternatives, including different knowledge, epistemologies and cosmo-visions.

in Political Economy of Food and Food Sovereignty

November 24th, Saturday, 18:00


José João Rodrigues (Casa do Sal)

jose joaoHe is a “social artisan” because he intervenes in society artisanally: “with the hand that is more at the foot or the foot that is more at hand”. Among the activities he develops is the Casa do Sal Figueira da Foz Project, a project that creates and exploits products and services related to saliculture; support for the development of craft activities and participation as speaker in various seminars, congresses and colloquia. From this project he developed the practice and concept of the Collaborative Networks of Local Production, which has been disseminated throughout the country in partnership with ANIMAR and that is concretized locally in the Collaborative Network of Mondego and the Group of Friends of Warehouses of Lavos in Figueira da Foz. He is also an Animator for the Theater Offices of the Oppressed, directed to technicians, trainers and people in situation of social exclusion. He attended the Philosophy Course of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Coimbra and actively participates in several associations, namely the GAF – Group Learning in Festivity, Casa da Esquina, Slow Movement Portugal and ANIMAR-Association for Local Development.

Avelino Rego (Brown Cow producer)

AvelinoGraduated in 2008 in Computer Engineering from Universidade do Minho, he worked for Glintt Heathcare Solutions S.A. for 3 years in the development of Data Warehouse systems. With special interest in nature conservation, rural development and transparency solutions in the PA, he went on to pursue his professional career in his native land, where he is Treasurer of his Town Council, presides over the Council of the Baldios of the Parish of Alvadia and is producer of Vaca Maronesa. As a student-worker, he currently attends, at the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), the master’s degree in Forestry Engineering, being especially dedicated to the study of landscape multifunctionality, with a view to its resilience to major catastrophes and to guarantee the effective performance of the associated ecosystem services.

Jorge Gonçalves (Cooperativa Integral Minga)

Jorge-MingaJorge Filipe, economist, one of the founders of the Cooperativa Integral Minga, Montemor-o-Novo ( He has worked on rural development projects in India, Thailand, Indonesia, and several Latin American countries. He was a founding member of the Altes Finanzamt (Berlin). Currently works in the agricultural section of Minga, in the production and distribution processes, and also in the area of housing.

Moderator: Cecília Fonseca