Artivism: Strategic Creativity for Eco-Social Change

Artivism: Strategic Creativity for Eco-Social Change
Not another March: Creative Actions for Justice

This participatory and dynamic workshop will look at some of the most creative and effective interventions of our time. We will focus on how actions have been successfully been used to create lasting change, reshape narratives, and open up space for new ideas. We will look also at the diversity of creative tactics that are available to us, with the goal of inspiring everyone who attends with many new ideas for ways to create change.

November 24th, Saturday, 14:00

Hosted by:

Kevin Buckland

Buckland, Bio Photo (1) “Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” – Bertolt Brecht. From cardboard circuses and graffiti, to giant inflatables and creative direct action: Kevin is an independent artivist who has spent the past decade working inside the global climate justice movement to elevate the role of creativity and culture in creating change. He works both to support movements in being more creative, but also in supporting artists in being more strategic with their work. He sees cultural change as fundamental to political change, and has come to increasingly understand cultural change as more about how we organize, than what we organize. Follow him on twitter: change_of_art or instagram: coloresamor