Ecossocialism, which alternatives?

Where can eco-socialism take us? What social, economic, and political plan can fuel a future of social and environmental justice? How to create a social revolution and a counter-hegemonic vision of growth, development and social justice.

in Dismantling the fallacy of Green Capitalism

November 25th, Sunday, 10:00


Giacomo d’Alisa (Centro for  Social Studies, Portugal)giacomo

Giacomo d’Alisa is an ecological and political economist. He is a member of the Barcelona School of Environmental Justice and Degrowth. His academic work applies to a critical framework drawn from ecological economics, political theory, integrated assessment, and urban political ecology to determine changes in the metabolic patterns of society and the generated inherent environmental injustice. He fought against the privatization of water in Naples in the 2000s and is currently a researcher at the Center for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra.

Bea Martxueta (LAB, Espanha)BEA

Bea Martxueta Pérez. Lawyer, Member of the Executive Board of LAB Syndicate. Responsible for the Secretariat of Social Policy and Action.

Christine Poupin (NPA, França)

Christine Poupin, an anti-capitalist militant, was a computer technician in the chemical industry. She participated in feminist movements, was a union leader and member christineof the Revolutionary Communist League. She is currently a spokeswoman for the NPA (New Anti-Capitalist Party) in France.

José Luis Garcia (Institute for Social Sciences, Portugal)

jose luisJosé Luis Garcia is a researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Lisbon. PhD in Social Sciences. He develops scientific work in critical social theory, sociology of science and technology, philosophy of technology, political economy and studies of communication, media and journalism. He is the author of several books, including “Reason, Time and Technology”.

Moderator: João Camargo (Climáximo, Portugal)