Free Trade vs Us and the Planet

World trade rules dictated by the World Trade Organization have given rise to a new generation of international “free trade” agreements that deliberately erase the social, environmental and climatic issues of the equation. Another global trade, which has as its true purpose the distribution of wealth and power, not implying the destruction of the planet, is urgent.



Amélie Cannone (, Europe)amelie

Amélie Canonne was Coordinator of the Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance and Chairperson of AITEC, she participated in the European Stop TTIP movement, ATTAC France and is currently working with

Tom Kucharz

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José Oliveira

joseProfessor of English and Portuguese in basic and secondary education, former member of the platform No to the Transatlantic Treaty, Corporations-Zero Tolerance, researcher of international economic policy, modelist and union leader.

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