Indigenous and Western approaches for regenerating ecosystems, societies and ourselves

We know that mere “sustainability” won’t be enough to confront climate change, ecosystem collapse and species extinction appropriately. While must to move beyond the illusions of “green growth” and “sustainable development,” this session will focus on the rich potential for creating a regenerative society–a system change from exploiting nature to cooperating with it. Exploring regenerative philosophies and practices in both ancient Indigenous traditions and modern-day Western approaches, the speakers will share about their experience in restoring water cycles, ecosystems and communities and building movements for effective social change.

November 25th, Sunday, 10:00


LaDonna Bravebull Allard (Lakota, US)

LaDonna Bravebull Allard: historian, elder and Lakota grandmother; started the first resistance camp against the Dakota Access pipeline that gave rise to the Standing Rock protests in the USA. and the global movement of “water protectors”.

Teena Pugliese (Standing Rock, US)

teenaTeena is a filmmaker and digital activist currently living on the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. In 2016, she traveled there to help create content to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. She Co-Produced, Edited and Shot content for Awake: A Dream From Standing Rock, a documentary currently on Netflix about the NODAPL movement. traveling across Turtle Island (USA) and around the world creating content on important Indigenous issues that constantly elude the mainstream media. She now teaches the Youth at Standing Rock, guiding them on how to tell their own stories and shoot, edit, produce content that will help shift the narrative of Indian country.

Elizabeth Peredo (Weaving Hope, Bolivia)

elizabeth.peredoElizabeth Peredo Beltrán (Weaving Hope) is a Social Psychologist, columnist, author, and activist of Ecology and Feminism in Bolivia. As a member of TAHIPAMU (Workshop for the History and Participation of Women), has researched and published on the female social struggles in her country and later coordinated the Steering Committee on the Rights of Domestic Workers for the approval of an equal Law for the sector (2004). She has been Executive Director of Solon Foundation and, among other processes related to climate justice, feminism, politics, arts and culture, Elizabeth has promoted the Blue October Campaign for Water as a common between 2006 and 2013. She belongs working groups on alternatives to development, is part of the Latin American Alliance against Fracking and is a board member of Food and Water Watch. Currently she works supporting local processes on food, water and energy for social transformation and drives Trenzando Ilusiones, an independent space to reflect on the contemporary Social Transition from the Ecofeminist perspectives.Marina

Marina Nobre (Reflorestar Portugal, Portugal)

Marina Nobre is an activist that empowers and initiates social movements. Specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Permaculturer and Agroforester.

Martin Winiecki (Tamera, Portugal)

MartinMartin Winiecki, activist, writer and networker, leads Tamera’s Institute for Global Peace Work and facilitates the Defend the Sacred Alliance.