Topic 1. Political Economy of Food and Food Sovereignty

Panel 1. Agriculture, self-sufficiency and peasant struggles
Speakers: Paul Nicholson, Giovanna Micarelli, Victoria Medina |  Moderator: Aurora Santos

Panel 2. Debating the food systems
Speakers: Eber Quiñonez Hernandez, Carmo Bica, Rita Serra | Moderator: Sérgio Pedro

Panel 3. Agroecology: practice and politics
Speakers: José João Rodrigues, Avelino Rego, Jorge Gonçalves | Moderator: Cecília Fonseca

Topic 2. Dismantling the fallacy of Green Capitalism

Panel 1. Where has Green Capitalism brought us?
Speakers: Moderator:
Panel 2. Militarization of Climate and the Environment
Speakers: Moderator:
Panel 3. Ecossocialism, which alternatives?

Speakers: Moderator:

Topic 3. Labor in the Age of Climate Change

Panel 1. Labor and Climate: Success stories of political convergence
Speakers: Moderator:
Panel 2. Climate Jobs Throughout the World
Speakers: Moderator:
Panel 3. Development-as-usual? Challenges in the Global South

Speakers: Moderator:

Topic 4. Climate Justice and Energy Democracy

Panel 1. The Ongoing Bailout of Fossil Fuels
Speakers: Moderator:
Panel 2. In the Frontlines of Climate Justice
Speakers: Moderator:
Panel 3. Transition and Energy Sovereignty

Speakers: Moderator:

Topic 5. Ecofeminisms

Panel 1. Critical Theory in Ecofeminism
Speakers: Moderator:
Panel 2. In the Frontlines

Speakers: Moderator:

Off-topic, ecosocialist hotspots

Panel. Ecosocialist experiences in the world: a critical debate

Panel. Free Trade vs Us and the Planet
Workshops: Artivism and Children’s Space